Why Summer Camps?

We often get asked by parents and family about the need for summer camps or why we feel they're so important. We thought we'd take a few moments and talk about just that; we feel pretty strongly about it, obviously, but it's important to understand why.

Investing in your dream

Ask any athlete or even a professional at the top of their field and they'll tell you that it was the extra things that got them where they are. Whether it's seeking out extra tutoring to master a subject in school, or attending a camp to get extra touches on the ball; all the extra work you do is an investment in yourself that will pay off the first time you reach the level to which you aspire.

We all had dreams, but how many of us wish we'd had the chance to pursue them? Give your player the opportunity to "do the work" that will help get them where they want to go. Even if they never kick a ball again after high school, camps help your player learn valuable life skills like teamwork, communication, and relationship building.

Investing in yourself

Soccer is an intensely physically demanding sport. The average professional midfielder covers anywhere between 5 and 10 kilometers in a 90 minute match. While you're player may not be there yet, it's incredibly important that they are ready when it's time!

Summer camps offer your player another opportunity to continue to hone their physical abilities. They often mean the difference between being able to compete at the highest levels, or not. Camps also help instill a life long love of physical activity, helping them set good habits that will follow them their entire life.

Along with the obvious physical and sport specific benefits, camps also offer your player the chance to meet new friends and experience different coaching styles. Our camp environments are fun, designed to help them succeed, and focused on giving them the tools they need regardless of their level. At the same time, we believe those experiences help build their self-esteem, enhance their confidence, and cement their love of the beautiful game.

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